#08 - Encore Performances - Nancy Watt


September 8th, 2020

30 mins

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Encore Perfromances, Connecting with Friends of GBA - Nancy Watt

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Joel Carson host and GBA Executive Director – Link to Profile

Nancy Watt is President of NANCY WATT COMMUNICATIONS, a specialized consulting and creative agency that works with all sectors exploring the social science of collaboration, communication and connection. Using a ‘Pracademic’ approach, Nancy Watt elucidates evidence-based research in an engaging and entertaining way using the tools and techniques of improv honed from her days at The Second City Conservatory in Toronto. This form of experiential learning has been used in diverse setting with a wise swath of clients from marginalized populations to the judiciary, medical school faculty and law societies.

In order to capture effective experiential learning, she builds a camaraderie-filled ensemble where the participants learn while laughing.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Accepting the reality of the other [min 2:16]
  • Adaptability Quotient (AQ) [min 5:00]
  • Fostering an organization of trust and transparency [min. 12:50]
  • The silver lining in all of this is …….? [min. 21:11]
  • What are you doing now that you don't have the opportunity to speak at conferences in person? [min. 24:05]
  • AQAI (website) use code NWC4 to receive 50% off 10 assessments [min. 26:00]
  • www.nancywattcomm.com (website)


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