#09 - Encore Performances - Bob Kelleher


September 15th, 2020

35 mins 58 secs

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Encore Perfromances, Connecting with Friends of GBA - Bob Kelleher

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Joel Carson host and GBA Executive Director – Link to Profile

Bob Kelleher is a best-selling author, international keynote speaker, and consultant who travels the globe sharing his insights on employee engagement, leadership, and workforce trends. Bob is the author of the recently released I-Engage: Your Personal Engagement Roadmap, the best-selling book, Louder Than Words: 10 Practical Employee Engagement Steps That Drive Results, and Creativeship: An Engagement and Leadership Fable, Employee Engagement for Dummies.

Bob can be seen or heard on national media (most recently on CNBC, CBS, NBC News, Business Week, Forbes, Training Magazine, Yahoo, and Fortune), and is a frequent guest writer and contributing editor on many national publications.

Topics for discussion include:

  • How has the impact of this crisis (covid-19) affected employee engagement and what should leaders be doing to address workplace engagement? [min 03:26]
  • What should leaders be doing to pay attention to the long term impact on employee productivity and work place engagement? [min 07:13]
  • The importance of empathy in leadership. [min 09:58]
  • Importance of communication. [min 15:35]
  • How is this merging of our professional and personal lives going to impact the future of our business? [min 17:20]
  • The silver lining in all of this is……? [min 23:12]
  • Where are you and the Employee Engagement Group focusing your time on right now? [min 25:20]
  • Where/how can our members reach out to you? [min 29:58] https://employeeengagement.com
  • What message would you like to leave us with? [min 34:06]


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