#06 - Encore Performances - Jonathan Edison


August 25th, 2020

30 mins 1 sec

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Encore Perfromances, Connecting with Friends of GBA - Jonathan Edison

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Joel Carson host and GBA Executive Director – Link to Profile

Jonathan Edison is a modern day Alchemist. Facing many hardships growing up in the city of Detroit he could have given up on life from the very beginning. His mother was removed from his home for abusing drugs and alcohol. His father left when he was 7 and his grandmother that took on the task of raising him, died from breast cancer when he was 14. Now faced with homelessness, despair and uncertainty, Jonathan graduated from high school with a 1.6 grade point average. Then he went on to complete his first year of college with a 0.82 before dropping out completely. Today, Jonathan is an International Motivational Speaker, a 3-time college graduate, C.E.O of two successful companies, an author of 5 best selling books and a student at Harvard University studying Psychology. This expertise in life and in business allows Jonathan to deliver innovative and content-driven presentations that have practical application in Sales, Leadership, Change and Personal Motivation.

Topics for discussion include:

  • How to stay positive and excited about life [min 3:15]
  • How do we adjust, in this current world, to meet the people where they are? [min 9:56]
  • Reverend Eikerenkoetter (Wikipedia) [mn 13:50]
  • How can we see ourselves doing more during these challenging times? [min 14:42]
  • The silver lining in all of this is …….? [min 18:40]
  • What are you doing now that you don't have the opportunity to inspire audiences in person? [min 22:32]
  • jonathanedison.com (website) [min 26:50]
  • Survival Mode (book)
  • What message would you like to leave with us? [min 27:55]


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