#02 - COVID Concerns - Health and Safety Best Practices


April 10th, 2020

1 hr 2 mins 42 secs

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About this Episode

Covid Concerns Episode 2 – GBA Pop-Up Town Hall Meeting for April 10, 2020 – Health and Safety Best Practices

Senior leaders of GBA Member firms have been invited to attend Pop-Up Town Hall meetings each of the past three weeks in response to the dynamic events related to the COVID-19 pandemic to discuss issues that impact geoprofessional firms. Panels of experts have discussed operational issues, health and safety, and leadership through these unprecedented times. GBA hopes to address its members questions and concerns by sharing experiences and challenges in the hopes to learn and help each other during this trying time.

Our Panel:

  • Joel Carson (host and GBA Executive Director – Link to Profile)
  • Richard “Rick” Ecord, Senior Vice President of Health, Safety and Learning (GZA) - LinkedIn Profile
  • Paula Loht, Corporate Director of Safety (Gannett Fleming) - LinkedIn Profile
  • James “Jim” Wright, Director of Safety and Health (Terracon) - LinkedIn Profile

Topics for discussion include

  • What are member firms “Plans in place to respond to crisis and risk management for unplanned events”. [min 3:45]
  • What have been some of the biggest challenges caused by this pandemic. [min 9:30]
  • Are firms requiring face masks in the office? [min 18:52]
  • What communication methods are being used to reach employees? [min 21:35]
  • What changes to soil laboratories are being made during this time? [min 30:35]
  • What are the biggest challenges your clients are having right now? [min 35:06]
  • What opportunities have firms identified to provide clients new services (or services already being provided) in response to this pandemic? [min 41:10]
  • Communication with subcontractors and what requirements are being put on them (i.e. face masks, gloves, etc.)? [min 46:35]
  • What companies are doing to help in their local communities. [min 51:48]
  • Recommendations for employees who work with health care workers. [min 55:10]
  • Social distancing with drill crews (driller and helper). [min 56:45]


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