#6 - Audio Education - Briefing and Being Briefed


July 7th, 2023

31 mins 15 secs

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GBA Audio Education Series – Briefing and Being Briefed

Episode Summary
In this episode, hosts Tiffany Vorhies and Ryan White examine the importance behind daily field reports and regular briefings. It begins with a dramatization between field techs Tyler and Charlie. Upon returning to work, Tyler catches up with Charlie who reveals that covering his sites in the interim was challenging. We discover that Tyler failed to provide Charlie with adequate field notes or a proper briefing, hampering Charlie’s ability to carry out his tasks. But daily field reports offer geotechnical teams with other valuable benefits, which Tiffany and Ryan say help safeguard against unforeseen events and keep clients satisfied.

Series Summary
Tiffany Vorhies and Ryan White recently uncovered a treasure trove of valuable content, GBA's outstanding audio-education series. In order to make this more accessible, they turned these into a podcast series. This series was originally available as downloadable audio files, designed for one-on-one listening by field representatives, or as material to spur discussion during brownbag seminars or other informal training sessions. Like other GBA audio education programs, Fundamentals of Field Representation uses dramatization to make its points. The roles are played by professional actors, supplemented by sound effects. In each episode, Tiffany and Ryan play the original audio and follow up with a discussion, including their own personal lessons learned from many years of experience in the industry as both field reps and technical leaders.

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